Tuesday, April 17, 2012


We often make mistakes when writing in English language. We have many ideas that we develop but we often make a wrong in the use of grammar. Example: Use grammar like past tensepresent tense, and future tense. I also always confused using my grammar for writing a paragraph. Sometimes we also forget how to put the punctuation when we want to end our topic. or want to stop for a moment. Punctuation is important because when the reader read our articles or story. Punctuation can help the reader know the emotion on the story. Example; mad, cry, stop, shouting, silent and so on. We also always wrong in our paragraph by using Malay world or they way Malay world using they grammar. Malay grammar and English grammar are different and not always same. So we have to know if we are using English grammar or Malay grammar. Sometimes they are word that we cannot translate to English but still can use in our paragraph. Example: Nasi Lemak, Kulintangan, and so on. To make this mistake not always we do, we must read more English book even child story books or articles that can help us. We also need to make more exercise in grammar or paragraph.

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