Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words

What is "A picture is worth a thousand words"???The meaning is a complex idea that we want to conveyed  with just a single still image. So I agree with this. But sometimes different people have their own idea and their own thoughts. For you, what can you able to see in this picture? Its Happiness, sadness, poverty, orphan or family? Or maybe you wan to say this child is dirty, smelly, idiot, or disgusted? So you have you own thought ya... So for me this child is not dirty, disgusted, or smelly. But I can say this child is so “PURE”... Why I say this? Can you look at this child eyes, I don't really see any dirt on it. What can I say is I can see a pure jewel that shinning on those eyes. Can you see it? Those eyes are show use something. It wan to show about a “World of Wonder” and this pure child maybe probably has lost it...Its about the hope of dream. Can you see its? Why this child taking the keyboard?...keyboard?...do this child know about keyboard? A piano? This child even don’t know about piano look like...What we can see is, this child is dreaming about something that we never will know...This child is playing with a dream with his innocent play...For the last world, what I can say maybe this child will always hopeful someday they will never be this again and someday there will have a happiness for them...

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