Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Unforgettable Childhood story

My life is simple... something do the right and sometime do wrong...but here I wan to say about my childhood memories. The true is I don’t really know or remember 100% about my childhood story because its a lost page of me... so here I want to share about my life in Melaka city. My father is a male nursing that time before transfer here Sandakan as a Blood donor assistant. So yes... we are living in Melaka. So when I’m still a 6 year old I’m school at Chinese school. So that why I cam speak Chinese and my face like Chinese boy...(-_-)LOL. What I cannot forgot about this school is the food...I don’t say its delicious but its so horror!!!Euik!!!(o.O)I don’t like the noodles they serve its like they put some soap inside it...I will give the noodle that I still don’t know what the noodle name its to my best friends. Name? I don’t know...I don’t remember. Hahaha...He will help me eat that horror noodles. One thing I still remember is I don’t know my real name...Hahaha...silly me LOL. That day all students must go to counter and get their own ID students. So I say to the teacher”Miss where is my ID students?”I asking...”check here “say the teacher give me the list. In my mind...”Where is my name? I can’t find it?” that time my Bus is coming and my friends say” Gary, can you faster? The driver wans to go now!” Suddenly I’m start crying(T-T)...The teacher say”What your name?” ”My name is Gary”I say. “So here is only Garystilson Dison,so its that your name?”The teacher asking again. Stupid I’m say “ name is Gary that not my name...”I’m still crying..hahaha. One of my teacher is coming and asking what happen and my teacher start laught.”Your name is Garystilson Dison...Gary only your short name..hahaha”Its funny to think that about. What more I like living in Melaka is my family like going to vacation. Sometimes we going to Zoo, Cameron highland, water park, orang hutan, butterflies land, and more but now in Sandakan...Nothing!(-_-) Another  else is when I’m playing whit my friend and Im still remember her name “Pei Yee” Chinese girl that always play with me. One day when we playing a game she hit me at my head. First I don’t know what happen. Suddenly the blood flowing on my head. I don’t feel pain and I just go home and say “Daddy my head is wound,” My daddy see its really my head are much blood on it.OMG!But its true I don’t feel hurt. What else I wan to share...ok the last part is When my family and church going to beach and my Big brother get wounded on his foot.  His foot wounded by rusty nails. But the true is I don’t know my Big brother at hospital that time because Im enjoying the beach. Hei...don’t get wrong ok Im still child that time...and I don’t know anything...hahaha...The End

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