Friday, December 9, 2011

Super Hero Power!!!

If I have a power!!!I wanna to be a special power...but I dont like being a good or nice hero but Im more love evil power...HA,HA,HA(@o@)v...If I can choose I more like this kind of power...Half Dark power and Half Holly power just like this picture!!!
Nice Hah!
Ok...I can use dark power for something evil...I can make a Fireball to attack my enemy...totally i want to do it.!More angry to think that person more powerful my fireball its...It will explosion like a boom atom!!!BOOM~~This dark power also can make me change to another person or animal. Maybe I can change my person to our Minister and change the government or I can change my self be a dangerous animal like tiger, anaconda, eagle and more. But the best part is I can change my self...I can be a female or male, I can be your mother or father, I can be your friends or your enemy...all I can be change...My dark power also can make the death body to a life and can make many of my ghost solder...attack the people and make them suffer..HAHAHA...I also can make a Dark Matter that can destroy all galaxy...and can summon a Guardian Force example like Odin, Shiva, Siren ,Eden ,Leviathan , and so on...

So my holly power is more like a light power...I can cure my self and can take the age of life from people...and I can read and see the future of my self or people and can make them change to good or bad...this its fun for me. I can make a city full of plant till and place in this world become a jungle. Is ok because human always make the earth suffer so I help the mother nature to take a revenge. With my holly power I also can make anybody worship me and thinks im a god for them...ahhahaha...
This only "If I Have It"

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