Sunday, March 4, 2012


What is~LOVE~♥

Everybody know what is love about.Love is something that we feel happiness, like, protected, and trusted. But sometimes LOVE can be hurt, painful, sadness and betrayed.
Love is something pure that God made for us. First human in this world call Adam also wanna feel LOVE. Cozs this LOVE is so powerful and have given to Eve as his LOVE FOREVER. We also the same,when we first born in this world. We have feel LOVE is. But still we dont know what is love. Our parents will give all to us to show that they so care and Love to us. They protect us from danger, give food, place to stay and felling...that all come from one word call "LOVE". But when we adult we will gonna find another Love from another person. 
Sometimes Love is something that HUMAN can play. They know love is something that cannot see but we can feel its and they still thinks love is not really necessary when become a couple. They thinks that Love is SEX. Yes I can say that Love is the part of sex but HUMAN still don't know what its Love is. They thinks Make Love is only a sex and its fun.But they really don't know Make Love is meaning you make sex with your truly love someone that call your wife or husband. But now that only nothing for human...

I will say again love its something pure that god giving to us. Its is nothing that can make us suffer but more happiness if we truly know what is LOVE its...

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