Saturday, March 31, 2012


In my own words, Stages of writing process. Firstly, we must know about our topic about. After that we just create our main topic sentence and main idea. In topic sentence, we just give introduction about what was we want to talk about. Example, The food that I like to eats is Chicken Rice.

After that we must have our paragraph that has supporting details. Here we must give details that have connected with our topic. Example, I like Chicken Rice because it’s so delicious. We can put 3 or 4 details in this paragraph to make it’s so interested. But we must remember that, what was we write about is must related with the topic. If now, Its can be wrong.

For the last or closing topic, we must put some conclusion about what was we write about. Conclusion can be found in our Topic sentence or supporting detail. Example, for the conclusion, Chicken Rice is totally my favorite food that I like.

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