Saturday, March 31, 2012


Title: Stage of writing process with example.
In my opinion about the writing process is a combination with 3 parts; Topic, supporting details, conclusion. This is the basic for stage of writing process. Topic is the head of writing a story, it’s also known as a beginning of story or something that we want to write about. When we write a topic sentence, we must make the reader know what was we want to write about and also make them interested to read its. After that we must put the supporting details is also know as our topic content. Here we must write the related story about what we are writing about. Sometimes we will make wrong here, because we will write about another thing that not really related to our topic. For the limits of supporting details is 3 or 4. After we done the supporting details, we must put the conclusion as our end of story. Conclusion is all about the topic and supporting detail that we want to say again about what we write to the reader.


I live go to beach.

Topic Sentence: 
I like to go to beach with my family at Lankayan Island that located at Sandakan. We always go there for a school breaks. We go there by a bot.

Supporting Details:  
1. I like to play sandcastle and I play with my sister. We having fun built a big sandcastle.
2. I like to see a fish and is so colourfull and my dad will take us go to swimming at the beach.
3. I like to see the beach when the night Is come. The sky become red and the sun just go down. I also like to see the star at the beach. It’s so beautiful.

I like to go to beach at Lankayan Island and this is the great beach that I will never forget. Someday, I will make my own home in Lankayan island.

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