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Since 1

Lumis, Yanak and Yagang look at home. Lumis is folded, Yagang're cleaning house. Meanwhile, a pregnant Yanak is dry cloth.

Lumis: Yanak, you should be resting. I do not want anything happening to you and you still in pregnant Yanak.

Yanak: I'm good mother. This is only light work. Furthermore, I feel boring just sit there quietly.

Lumis: Em ... well. Let Yagang do the heavily work then.

Yanak: Yes mother. Yagang can you rest for a moments. Come up here.

Yagang left work and went to the house.

Yanak: I went to the kitchen for our afternoon tea.

Lumis and Yagang chat and; suddenly they heard a noise in the kitchen.

Lumis: What is the sound of that? Lets us go into the kitchen.

Yagang: Come on .

After they stopped in the kitchen, they were very surprised because Yanak was lying on the floor. Yagang hold and look Yanak and she became unconscious. Lumis suddenly realized something was in the house. And he looked off toward the door and said something.

Lumis: I know you are in this house. You better go now.

Since 2

Yanak squalid living spaces and Yagang looked very worried. Lumis while squeezing Yanak head.

Lumis: Yagang, your wife have been do by something’s spirit.

Yagang: What is a mother?

Lumis: They are not good spirit that very naughty and evil.

Yagang: So what should I do Mommy? Is There cure?

Lumis: Yes, there are but very rare. The herbs call Lintotobo. Usually this Lintotobo will bloom in the forest.

Yagang: Well then, I will go to forest tomorrow.

The next day, Yagang ready to depart into the forest to find Lintotobo.

Yagang: Mother, I will go now. Please keep Yanak safe.

Lumis: Hang on a second Yagang, I have things like give you. This is a talisman for you abstain from things that are not good.

Yagang: Thank you mother. I will keep it. I go now.

Lumis: Be careful on you ways Yagang.

Yagang take the amulet and go into the forest. Weather at the time it was very hot. Yagang looked very tired and he paused to rest. Yagang take drinks and food on hand. Without he realizing it, the amulet given her dropping out of the dropouts. After a few mint, Yagang continue his journey. Yagang suddenly uncomfortable and it seems like someone is watching. But he still continued his journey to find the medicine to cure his wife.

Since 3

When Yagang is looking for he herbs he did not realize that there are things that wass watching him. The thing call Tumotolong (T).

Tumotolong 1: Wah! See a human...

Tumotolong 2: Hi ... hi ... hi ... Yes human.

Tumotolong 1: What do we do?

Tumotolong 2: We ... play ... Hi .. hi .. hi ..

Tumotolong 1: Run? ... Play ... hi ... hi ... hi

Tumotolong 2: Yes ... let us play with it. We make him lose ....

Tumotolong 1: Yes ... Hahahaha

Yagang is busy finding a cure. While Tumotolong is being followed and playing with him. Without realizing, he was lost and got into the world Tumotolong.

Since 4:

Lumis look very worried because Yagang not come back three days ago.

Lumis: Where is this Yagang. I was worries for him. It is 3 days he did not return.

Lumis step out of the house and go to the houses of the village. Lumis look, crying. At that time, Wida to the village head's wife was drying clothes and he looks Lumis.

Wida: What happen to you Lumis? Why are you crying?

Lumis: My son, Wida. He did not return home from the forest. He disappears for 3 days.

Wida: That look not good. I will call my husband first.

Wida call her husband Kuguan to meet with Lumis.

Kuguan: What happen to you Lumis. What is happening?

Lumis: Kuguan my son is lost. He entered the forest for 3 days but did not return home as well.

Kuguan: Patience Lumis, you tell me.

Lumis told him what had happened about Yanak and also why he told Yagang into the forest.

Kuguan: You do not worry Lumis, I will send someone into the woods searching for your child. You go home first.

Lumis: Ok Kuguan.

Since 5

Kuguan call his people to search Yagang in the forest.

Kuguan: I have a case with you.

Person 1: What is Kuguan?

Kuguan: Lumis son was lost in the woods for 3 days and I want you to find him in the forest. Gp find your other friends.

Person 1: Well Kuguan.

People 1 to go home and tell his friends that Kuguan asked them to find Yagang in the forest. Once they arrive in the forest.

Person 1: Where has this Yagang go ... until he lost in the woods?

Person 2: Maybe he might play in the forest alone with ghost... hahahaha

Person 1: Play in a forest! Play whatever it? Crazy ... Hahahaha

They laugh very loud in the woods. Suddenly People 1 slip.

Person 1: Damn this place ... until I slipped.

Person 3: Do not talk like that ... Later Tumotolong will hear ...

Person 1: What! Tumotolong? What is the matter?

Person 3: Em ... you do not know Tumotolong? Tumotolong the keepers in this forest.

Person 1: Hahaha ... where he is ... show your self Tumotolong…Dam you... hahahaha

Person 4: You do the work quickly. Day nights like this.

While they search Yagang. They do not realize that Tumotolong is watching them.

Tumotolong 1: They laugh at us ...

Tumotolong 2: How dare they ... they are evil unggh ...

Tumotolong 1: Let's play with them ...

Tumotolong 2: I hate them ... I want them dead!

Tumotolong 1: Yes ... let us kill them ...

Tumotolong 2: Yes…come ... hahahahaha

Tumotolong very angry with them, and kill they all.

Since 6

Lumis looked very worried and take action to find her own. She went into the forest with a protective amulet. As soon as, Lumis in the forest. She was looking forward something.

Lumis: O Tumotolong keepers in this forest. Do not you disturb us all. Yagang my child return it. My request to you.

Lumis make her shirt turn over and hoping something might happen. Suddenly, Yagang appeared in front of Lumis and he is holding the herbs that he seeking.

Yagang: Mother... what mother doing here?

Lumis: I am looking for you Yagang. You have3 days disappear.

Yagang: Is that true! I disappeared for so long?

Lumis: Yes children,but thanks to god that you safe and not injured. Let us back home, and cure your wife Yagang

Yagang: Yes, mother.

They go out of the woods. While from another angle, Tumotolong are looking at them. The people who search Yagang not return for a long day. And they say that they all died.

The End

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