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Kadazandusun society belief that Tumotolong is the spirit of the forest cannot be seen by human eyes. It also is called as the Elves. Tumotolong not a bad person but he will be bad if we disrupt their homes in the forest. Tumotolong generally many types, some of Tumotolong eat the animal’s blood, some of them again to deceive people and the other Tumotolong to disturb people. But we will take the story Folklore of Tumotolong are not evil. We only take Tumotolong that may mislead people to enter the forest the first time entered. If we get lost in the forest as a deceiver Tumotolong this act, what we need to do is reverse the shirt we just that we find a way out. Our folklore story is about a mother named Lumis living with his son who called Yagang and daughter-in-law called Yanak. Yanak a dry cloth being pregnant was rebuked by the mother-in-law. Lumis called his son being named Yagang clean the house to drink with him. Yanak went to the kitchen to make drinks, but there is something happening there. Yanak suddenly fell with a weak body. Yagang and Lumis go to the kitchen. Lumis looked sharp in a corner of the house. She knew there was something wrong will happen after that. Lumis told yagang go in search of herbal medicine in the forest to treat Yanak. Lumis were asked to bring Yagang protective talisman. The way to the forest to find herbs, Yagang even relax under a tree and took out the food and drinks. After completion, he proceeded by searching for herbs instructed by her mother. But he was not aware that there is in the bag charm is lost when taking food earlier. Eventually he was not aware that he has been in the middle of the forest. He fined a way out but to no avail. He realizes that something has happened to him after the charm is lost. Lumis realized her son was 3 days did not return home. Lumis very concerned with safety Yagang. He was determined to go to the village chief named Huguan. There, she was telling all what had happened. Huguan had ordered a few villagers to find Yagang in the jungle. They went looking to bring their own knife while clearing the forests to cut down bushes and small trees while Yagang name calling but no one replied. There are no signs that indicate Yagang eaten or injured wild animals. Not long after those people also lost when it comes into the jungle.  Lumis increasingly worried. She was determined to go in search of her own son in forest .Lumis into the forest to bring her charm fastened around her waist and then take a stick of wood and a machete. She walked towards the forest. She knew his son was there and not lost. Lumis asked permission to Tumotolong deceiver so do not disturb residents who went to the forest .Lumis reverse outer shirt is accompanied hold charms.  Yagang suddenly appeared lying with the body is weak. But other villagers died because they had cut down some trees that have been fatal to them. Existing trees in the forest can not be cut with as they please without the permission of the Tumotolong. Yagang was safe, but unfortunately the other villagers had died. Thus we Folklore story synopsis.

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