Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Househusband is about a man at home become a full houseman. Become a househusband is not really easy life because we need to change our ideas and the ways we are.

Firstly we need to change our thinks about time. Time at work and at home is very different because at work we need to rush and must done on the time, but at home we cannot be hurry and rush all the time. If we make it, our children and wife will unhappy with it. Children don’t know what time is about; they like to spend the time slowly and think the time not really important. If our children are unhappy with it, can be effect our wife emotion and she also become unhappy with it. So we need to slow down and not really emotion when doing in the time.

Second is all about our feeling. Man usually don’t show they feeling to another person and keep it’s. If they say they feeling, the people will thing that they are so strange. So they just keep them feeling like angry, worries, love and sad all by them self. But as a househusband we need to show our feeling to our children and wife. Children need to know how much the love their father to them and also when we mad. Our wife also need to know our feeling if not they will thinking about something wrong. This can make a problem in our family.

Conclusion, people thinks become a househusband is easiest to do and learn. Yes its very easy to do but as a man, is so hard to change our life as a househusband. This is because house thing only women do not for a man. So,we need to change its and thinks positively. 

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