Wednesday, December 14, 2011

17 Again

Tittle:17 Again

This story, about a man who is going through a difficult life.
Previously he was a hero and basketball players end up being a man of no avail.
He is also going through a divorce his wife even though she still loved him.
One day, she wants to go to school once he has left.
There he found a cleanser that says do you want to go back to the past.
He felt that the man was only joking.
When you want to revert to the house he saw the man on the brink of a bridge and fell into the river. He wanted to save the man and he also fell into the water.
After he returned,
he felt that he had a change in himself. During his bath, he surprised his face has changed to the age of 17 years. So he has take this opportunity to approach their children in school. This is where the story begins about life repeated once again.

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