Wednesday, December 14, 2011


The story begins with a cartoon universe and the main character is a girl named Giselle. She wanted to meet with the prince and true true love. But she has been removed by the evil queen. But in fact she did not die Geselle but she was brought into the real world. Beginning of the story of Giselle is where a man and the man's daughter. Queen was not satisfied and sent his men to destroy Giselle. Prince also went to the human world and find Giselle. The servant of the evil queen always failed to kill Giselle and she took steps to the human environment. Queen has met them at a dance event and he has given Giselle an apple. And in fact in the human world Giselle. She had fallen in love with the guy. Queen says that if she ate apple,she will forget about the man. Giselle continues to eat the apple, and she seems to have died. During the queen's wish to take away Giselle she was stopped by the prince and take Giselle. The servant is said that only true love can kiss Giselle turn back. Giselle kissed the prince  but can not afford it. And he asked the man to kiss Giselle and she could turn her. Queen was very angry and turn himself into a dragon and took the man. Giselle continue to bring a sword and save the man and finally succeeded. While the queen is dead and lost in the land. Giselle continue to live on earth with man and his daughter.

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