Wednesday, December 14, 2011

cinderella 3 twist in time

Tittle:Cinderella 3 twist in time
The story is about Cinderella we always knew. Here Cinderella has married the prince and lives happily. The story is more to her step sisters and Cinderella. Step sister took his stick fairies and the fairies turn to stone. Cinderella stepmother has changed the time and switch back to the past. Cinderella becomes a servant again, and her stepmother has wizard prince to marry her daughter Anastasia. During Anastasia was in the palace she was aware of what is true love. And he began to change hearts and not like the prince. But the stepmother forbade Cinderella to change hearts and forced to marry a prince. Cinderella continues to meet the prince, and she has gone through difficult days. But she was finally able to also meet the prince and be married to him. Cinderella's stepmother and evil start again Anastasia to change the appearance of Cinderella. Cinderella in trouble . But during the marriage the prince, Anastasia had rejected his marriage and the secret has been uncovered and Cinderella stepmother angry and spell all the soldiers inside the house. She would also like to spell Anastasia but the prince has to reflect the magic to them. And they have become a frog. Began the Cinderella story with a happy life.

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