Wednesday, December 14, 2011

English Movie "Tangled" Disney Movie

So I dont wan to say a movie but more cartoon...and I choose Disney Cartoon "Tangled"...Yes... I love this movie and also the song.Its funny and some part its so I will post some of the picture here.
Tangled is from a Disney cartoon from Rapunzel and the female name still Rapunzel and this new Rapunzel have a power of life on her hair for the old version its nothing.The male is been change to another character and the status...the original is the male is prince and don't die...but the new male character Flynn Rider is a Thief, funny and die.There are some new character as animal. Horse and Calotes cristatellus. Gothel is the step mother and hide her evil face in the kindness.

One days there are a kingdom that the queen is sick and wanna give birth a baby. And the king give order to his soldier to find a magic flower. The magic flower has found by Gothel that can bring her to young again with a special song. When Gothel hiding the flower, the solder have found it. So they bring the magic flower and make it a medicine and the queen sick is gone and the baby girl was born. The baby girl have a golden hair and beautiful eyes. They will celebrate the princess birthdays with sky lanterns. One days Gothel go to palace and wanna take the princess hair and cut it but the magic hair power are gone. So the Gothel kidnap the princess.

18 years later,the princess is grow up and she so beautiful. And the same days,Flynn and 2 bandits still the princess crown at the palace. They has been pursued by the palace soldier and that time he meet Rapunzel. Rapunzel take the crown and say to Flynn if he wan back that crown he must bring her to see the sky lanterns. And they Flynn say yes. In this time they are falling in love and the Gothel have set a trap for Flynn.

Flynn really get in the Gothel trap and been capture by the soldier. So Gothel bring Rapunzel to got to the towel again and Rapunzel so sad. Rapunzel take a flag that she get from the town and she got the vision that she was the lost princess.And Rapunzel fighting with the Gothel and Rapunzel lose. Flynn has been help by a group of good bandit and a horse that name Maximus. When Flynn climb the towel. The Gothel stabbing a knife into his body and will die. Rapunzel begging to Gothel and make a promise if she help Flynn she will be with gothel forever and Gothel say Yes.

Rapunzel take her hair and put on the Flynn wounded and say she will cure Flynn.But Flynn refuse Rapunzel to cure him and cut her hair. The Rapunzel magic hair is beginning lose her magic and Gothel die and also Flynn. Rapunzel try to help Flynn but she cannot because her magic hair is lose. But she try and try again and cry. Rapunzel tears is fallin into Flynn face and the wounded is heal. So Flynn and Rapunzel go to palace see the queen and king and they live together with Flynn.The End

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